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​For foreigners


Investment Properties

In Japan, foreign nationals can also own property, irrespective of their visa category or whether they have permanent residency. However, they are subject to real estate acquisition tax and fixed property tax in the same way as a Japanese citizen. 

Our company offers complete support with regard to property maintenance, management, operation, and taxes, regardless of whether or not an owner is a resident of Japan. 


Storefronts and Offices

We are committed to providing comprehensive assistance to foreign nationals considering setting up a business within Japan, from preparing storefronts and offices to your first day of operations.


Buying and Selling Residential Properties

Please speak with us, whether you are a foreign national who already owns property in Japan, or if you are looking to purchase a residential property in the future—our company offers multilingual support.  

We will look for the best properties according to your desired location, budget, area size, and scale, and will propose these along with the initial costs and taxes.


Guidance for Living in Japan 

For any of our international customers who purchase property or enter into a rental agreement through our company, we will give advice on how to use public transportation, recommend hospitals that cater to international residents or visitors, and discuss anything else related to daily life, at no extra cost. Trash disposal, neighborhood issues, religious issues, issues with your child’s school, Japanese Language School recommendations, issues with status of residence, etc.  

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